Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. When will the Convocation be held?

Tuesday, 7 May 2024.

Q2. Am I eligible to attend the convocation?

You are eligible if you have completed your graduation by the Fall 2023 term.

Q3. What is the last date of registration?

Wednesday, 20 March 2024.

Q4. How much is the Graduation fee?

Tk. 7000/- (Seven thousand taka only)

Q5, Can I get my degree certificate if I do not attend the convocation?

Yes, you can get your certificate but you must register for the convocation.

Q6. I completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Should I register for both?

Yes, you must register for both. Tk 7,000 for each graduate who obtained one degree (either undergrad or grad) and for each graduate who obtained two degrees (both undergrad and grad) and Tk. 9,000 for each graduate who obtained two degrees (both undergraduate and graduate) from ULAB.

Q7. How can I register for the Convocation?

You can register online at: https://convocation-registration.ulab.edu.bd/

Q8. Can I submit a hard copy of my registration form?

No. You must register online. No hard copy form will be accepted.

Q9. What documents should I upload during registration?

  • SSC/O level certificate (File Format: JPEG/JPG)
  • ULAB Provisional Certificate (if taken)( File Format: JPEG/JPG)
  • Recent photograph (Image Size: Width 445 pixel, Height 531 pixel) (File Format: JPEG/JPG)

Q10. How do I pay the registration fees?

You can pay with bKash, Debit, or Credit Card

Q11. Do I need to wear a gown to attend the ceremony?


Q12. I currently live abroad. How will I receive my graduation souvenir?

Your graduation souvenir will be sent to your nominated person’s address.

Q13. Will there be any rehearsal for the Convocation Day?

Yes, a rehearsal will be held. You will be notified of the date and time later.

Q14. Do I need to return the mortarboard (cap), tassel, sash, and gown?

Yes, you have to return all the aforesaid items.

Q15. Whom should I contact if I face any technical problems during the online registration?

You can contact the IT office by email ([email protected]) or phone (01787-675688).

Q16. Whom should I contact if I need any academic information regarding the Convocation?

You can contact the Controller Office by email ([email protected]) or phone (01755-594939).

Q17. Will any Convocation Brochure be published?

Yes, it will be published.

Q18. When will I receive my degree certificate?

2-3 months after the convocation and you will be notified through email.